• Fragrance Oils vs. Essential Oils

    Essential oils are made using 100% all natural substances that are extracted from plant parts. The oils are extracted through a process called...
  • The Difference in Candle Waxes

    When you get into the world of candle making, you will find that there are so many waxes you can choose to work with. I would highly recommend you testing a few before deciding on one. 

    I have compiled a very brief post on the common waxes used and their pro's and con's. Please carry out your own research and testing as well. 

  • Our 3 Tips On Candle Care

    In this article, we try to give you our three main tips on candle care and how to make your candle last longer.
  • Benefits Of Soy Wax

    Not everyone knows that there are different types of wax you can use to make candles and melts. 

    Read on to learn why we chose Soy wax.